MC International LLC (JMC) is an American company registered in the State of New Jersey, USA with world headquarters located in West Orange,

New Jersey and New York City, New York.


JMC’s mission is to create, develop, promote, and administer International Exchange Programs in the fields of Education, Commerce and Trade, Tourism, Arts, Technology, and Culture, with the ultimate goal of promoting opportunities, goodwill, understanding, mutual progress, cooperation, and friendship between Americans and people of other nations.


JMC International LLC seeks to play a supporting role and parallel in the same spirit, within its humble capacity, to the International Exchange Programs of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) of the United States Department of State, especially on its Special Focus Areas: namely, Arts and Culture, Education and Teaching, and Technology.


JMC initiates, promotes, and assists in the establishment of School Affiliations that would lead to close cooperation and Educational Exchange Programs and Cross-Enrollments between institutions of learning, not only among students but among teachers and school administrators, as well.


In the Fields of Travel &Tourism, Health Care, and likewise of Technology, JMC organizes Internship and Employment Exchange Programs, extensively.


JMC can arrange Exchange Programs by and between Museums, Libraries, Artists or Cultural Performing Groups, and Socio-Civic/ Religious/ Charitable Organizations of the United States with other countries. 


BUT THE GREATEST JMC MISSION OF ALL is to promote goodwill among the peace-loving people of the world, regardless of religion, ideology,

race, and nationality.

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