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JMC, as Intermediary, can introduce, initiate, promote and assist in the establishment of inter-school affiliations/cooperation between schools/colleges/universities of the United States and the counterpart institutions of learning overseas. The aim is to participate and cooperate in Exchange Programs participated by both students/interns, and teachers/professors/instructors. These Educational Exchanges embrace High School, Vocational, College, Masters, and Doctorate levels. Included in our service is assistance in the processing and compliance of United States immigration requirements.

Our services both include the recruitment and documentary processing of trainees/workers/interns for the following Commerce/Trade/Industries: Travel & Tourism (Hotels, Casinos, Restaurants, Bakeries, Food and Beverage Processors, Cruise Ships, Airlines, Theme Parks, Museums, Trade Exhibits & Expositions, Manufacturing, Information Technology, Engineering, and others.


World-class Four and Five Star Hotel Chains all over America are the training and internship training grounds for our foreign trainees seeking the highest standards in hotel operations and   management within American culture.


In Information Technology, JMC maintains a close cooperation with leading IT companies under long-term Technology Transfer and Service Agreements through periodic and renewable Manpower Internship, Training and Employment.


JMC International LLC offers to recruit, for and in behalf of USA-based companies, workers/staff not sufficiently available to be sourced within the United States, provided allowed by U.S. Laws/policies. Likewise, JMC can also supply all types/categories of foreign or local manpower for US Companies and Non-US Companies with Projects or Operations or Contracts located overseas. 


JMC offers exceptional training and internship opportunities to International Chefs seeking knowledge and expertise in Exquisite Fine Dining of American Cuisine and mutually welcomes the exchange introduction and teaching by Participants of their cuisine specialties from their country of origin.

JMC invites and welcomes you to participate on its nationwide Internship and Traineeship Programs under USA’s J1 Visa based on your selected preference: J1 Internship/Traineeship or

J1 Work and Travel.


After completing your successful Training or Internship in the USA, much greater opportunities and benefits awaits you in your home country or perhaps right here in America, and have your own

”American Dream”.


The J1 Program in the Hospitality Industry shall be completed within a year (12 months), while the Non-Hospitality J1 Programs have durations up to One and a Half Years (18 months).


J1 Traineeship/Internship Qualification Requirements in the USA

  1. Eighteen (18) years old or above;

  2. He or She must have knowledge in English language sufficient to successfully complete the Traineeship;

  3. He or she must possess a maturity level and adequate personality to be able to effectively participate and learn the imparted knowledge and skills taught in the Program.


To qualify for Traineeship:


Degree or Certificate Holders with at least one year of work experience overseas or Non-graduates provided with at least five years experience abroad.


Work & Travel Program

This Program has 2 to 4 months J1 duration. This type of Program was specially created to address the current high needs of American Companies by hiring international students to the United States during their summer, spring or winter break.


Seasonal Work Program

Participants of this Program enter and temporarily stay in the United States under the H-2B visa with allowable stay between 4 to 10 months. The Seasonal Work Program is for the benefit of local companies whose seasonal requirements of workers or staff extraordinarily peak at certain seasons. The same workers may be re-hired by satisfied employers yearly for the same or different duration, provided not exceeding 10 months. Participants are entitled and paid at Prevailing Salary/Wage Rates given to regular full time local workers in the same position.


Hotel, Casino, Theme Parks & Trade Fairs Programs

We regularly recruit workers/trainees in the following categories:


  1. Administrative Staff

  2. Marketing

  3. Accounting

  4. Tour Guides

  5. Sales

  6. Event Organizers

  7. Food & Beverage

  8. Rooms & Reception

  9. Engineering

  10. Culinary

  11. All Casino Workers

  12. Fair/Carnival Rides Operators and others



  • Exceptionally enriching experience and enhancement of knowledge/skills 

  • Long-term opportunities to gain confidence and outstanding knowledge

  • Learn new language

  • Learn leadership skills that would transform your home communities to higher standards

  • Gain international friends and business or professional connections

  • Learn and understand American and other cultures

  • Employment or business opportunities with American Entrepreneurs/Organizations

  • Mutual understanding, respect and friendship that would cultivate long-lasting relationships

  • And a lot more of countless benefits


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